Who Am I?: The IDENTITY Principle

Who am I, perhaps remains one of the biggest topics questions in to answer in this lifetime. In this post, we address this question from a Principle perspective.
Courtesy: tinmoidoday.blogspot.com

Courtesy: tinmoidoday.blogspot.com

Once again, we use the acrostic IDENTITY to give us a mapping on the Who am I question.


The first letter speaks to a core ingredient of identity, Image. Image speaks of resemblance, likeness or representation externally of a person or thing.
In this context, it speaks of who you resemble, or in whose likeness or image are you?
I subscribe to a Biblical view that clearly maps, and instructively this is the view i share as chronicle in the book of beginnings – Genesis: Let us make man in our image and likeness..

Courtesy: shrdocs.com

Courtesy: shrdocs.com

Imagine is a core part of our identity, and so it follows that who or what we ascribe this is absolutely crucial.


This speaks to our heritage and destiny. This aspect of identity speaks to the now and the future. It speaks of our cause, mission or purpose, and resultant destiny and future.
Once again, I take a Biblical view. That reminds us that we were formed for Good things.
In essence, we are here for a season and for a reason. And its never about us. There is a Greater purpose for us to serve and fulfill.


Expression speaks to our gifts, talents, passions and abilities. The things we carry in our hearts and truly make us tick. The gifts and abilities bestowed upon us for the service of our purpose, for the benefit of humanity.
In fact the full word here is Self-Expression, which speaks to what makes us authentically us, and not somebody else. It includes our thoughts, feelings, ideas and our expressive and artistic self.
Courtesy: gettingbetterman.wordpress.com

Courtesy: gettingbetterman.wordpress.com

As you will note, we are all unique and different, and this is reflected externally in our face value features, but even more fundamentally in our core, how think, feel and experience and express ourselves. This is an important part of our identity.


This is the connotative representation of who we are, or in the English language ‘ a set of words by which a person or thing is known’. Unfortunately, name has often stolen the limelight in introductions when people ask the crazy question, ‘tell us who you are‘.
As you will appreciate the average answer is “I’m Peter”
The correct is my name is “Peter”. Certainly there is more to our identity than a name.
Names however are representative part of our identity for ease of reference and day to day interaction.


There is a Time component to our identity, at least in this life. To see the value of it in our identity, visits the cemetery and read the various epitaphs . Among the few things that would be scribbled in would be dates of birth, and dates of demise.
Courtesy: 36tee5.com

Courtesy: 36tee5.com

It is rarely acknowledged, perhaps only at the tail end. Time is a key part of our identity. The seasons and times make us, or break us. We are either mere mortals or acknowledged to be great based on the timeless principle of time. Once again, our existence is for a period, after which we will be past tense and our relevance would only be referenced in the past.
In-fact the conversation shifts from Who I’m to Who I was… based on the chronicle of the life lived and things done.


This speaks of convictions, beliefs, philosophies, values and principles. This is the software that runs our life. Essentially what we believe and espouse and finally embody.
Ideals are a key part of our identity as it determines not only what we believe but we will aspire for and pursue.

Courtesy: wallpaperswide.com

Courtesy: wallpaperswide.com

As you will know when we speak of people such as Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi, so easily we are able to identify with the ideals that guided their lives. Eventually that is what gave them prominence and the significance we know them for.


This speaks of our nature or personality. Some of us are very driven and ambitious, others are laid back and soulful. Others are super social and animated in the presence of others, while others prefer to be in their own company, enjoying moments of solitude, self-reflection and quiet.
Again, we are wired differently by the creator and our temperaments are an important part of our identity.
Ultimately, our temperament is adaptable to various degrees to the various circumstances and seasons of our lives.


This speaks to our dreams and ambitions – the things we desire to see happen in our lives and around us.
What we long for and what we seek has a bearing on who we become. In fact it has a bearing on our potential.
We all have different inclinations, and each inclination and yearning is important and has a place in the overall scheme of things.
Perhaps, if you are able to answer this two questions, your life would never be the same again. By all means it’s worth everything to dare to dream and have the courage to pursue those dreams. Ultimately, this is what will help you realize your goals and purpose in life. Never down play or ignore that voice of identity from deep within it will take you forth in your journey to your destiny.

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