Creative Mondays: Creativity is My Life!



Yes, indeed, I couldn’t live a day without it. I’m an addict, can’t help but dream, imagine and create. I’m obsessed with creating, thinking.  Becoming!

Ooh, I like to break the rules. Ask my wife, creativity is my life don’t dare send me to the kitchen.  I will cook up a storm, or talk of brewing a storm in a tea cup! Trust me, I can make oil and water mix!



Aaw, I got no etiquette nor manners.  I sing in the shower, I dance on the table and Aaw, don’t dare even invite me to your house. Unless you want graffiti on your fridge, and hopeless doodles on your wall! Besides I’m so goofy and awkward!

And if you thought this was not enough.  I will give you a new name within a few minutes of introduction.  You will actually regret why you ever met me or why your mama gave you such a colorless name.  Passion. Passion, child!

Well, I’m anti-social.  Me and my App are close buddies though.  Dare not interrupt our conversation. We dance away and sing along all day.  I’m Tweeddle thumbs, you can’t beat me in this game.



And the worst thing you can do is put me in a class! I either fall asleep or drift away into dreamland immediately. Life is too short to listen to lectures, or to be stuck in hopeless meetings, or to live based on other people’s opinions. Yes, I said It. Imagination, imagination my friend! You are born a genius, and don’t live with lesser imagination!

Don’t drag me into the small world of gossip. That’s too small a world for me to thrive. I’m a statesman, a scientist, a poet. An inventor, an innovator. I see the world as dotted with possibilities through the power of ideas. I daydream and see solutions even to the most challenging of problems. Yes, a maverick. Unconventional, and sheer crazy sometimes!

Yes, ask me why?

Because I am a dreamer.
Because I can.
Because that is who we are.
Because I’m part of the solution and not the chorus of the problem.
Because we are that special breed of people we seek!



Because I’m a dreamer for life
& Yes
Because Creativity is my life!


Dedicated to all the dreamers, creatives, and all men and women of Goodwill who are striving and stretching each day to reach their potential. You carry the answers to the challenges and problems that face our world.

Keep #Creating. Wishing you an inspired #CreativeMondays! 


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