||Pause|| What is stopping you from your dream?
|-| As always here to challenge you to your success….Adeola|-|

I hear the whispers everywhere
Their voices echo here and there
I just can’t shake them off my head
I think I’m gonna lose my mind

You can’t be this, you can’t be that
You can’t do this, you can’t do that
You can’t! You can’t!! You can’t!!! You can’t!!!
That’s all I get to hear from them

My mind is failing everytime
To keep the focus on the time
The vision right ahead of me
Seems really tough for me to reach

Enough! Enough!! I screamed out loud
I’ve had enough of all the lies
None exists in this world but me
To live this dream ahead of me

I can do this, and can do that
I can do anything at all
Regardless what you say or think
The one that matters most is ME

Courtesy; tipsofdivorce.com

Courtesy; tipsofdivorce.com

To your Success…..

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