Relationships Thursday: The Art of The Apology!

This is a classic that I just had to share…. Enjoy it!


I'm sorry

Often in relationships we make mistakes and offend others, more so those who are closest to us leading to conflict and disagreements. It’s part of the deal to make mistakes, in fact part of our nature as humans to do so as old adage puts it perfectly ‘to err is human, to forgive divine‘.The big question often is how do we deal with conflict? How do we let by gones be? As you would know by now forgiveness is the key to sustaining relationships. Without it we would have murdered the ones we love and those close to us a long time ago! Simply we can’t do without forgiveness.
Actually, I was gonna write something about my experience in Luanda, until i saw a post by one of our good friends, Nancy on her wall that caught my attention on forgiveness.
Perhaps, she articulated the subtleness involved in…

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