Blank Fridays: Life…

Go with the flow; feel free this Friday with this eloquent and flowing piece from Rosemary Kananu…on Life



What can one write about life? Life is so big and so wide yet a brief moment in time. A momentous flash in the universe, yet a flash so poignant and colourful and at times sullen. Sometimes the colors are playful and vibrant and at times so dull and gray. Lulling and lilting through the ebbs and flows gives experience of life.

Sometimes the ebbs make one think life is coming to an end then flows billow with lively life.

The ebbs may last a long time often bringing pain and suffering. Suffering that makes one wonder whether they are being punished for something they did. A pain so deep that makes one give up on life.

Then flow comes surging in to give meaning to the reason for pain and suffering. The flow is full of astonishingly bright hues. Hues so bright it makes one feel life will practically break free and run away with itself. Flow brings with it euphoria, birds sing in the air out of pure joy.

Then it seems like flow is here to stay leading to calm and feelings of peace. Then out of nowhere comes ebb and the bloody vicious cycle all over again! Life…seasons…summer to autumn, autumn to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer. Life



Wishing you a Lively…. Blank Friday!

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