Letters: Dear July,

Courtesy: summerykisses.tumblr.com

Courtesy: summerykisses.tumblr.com

How can I say this.  I have been waiting for you with anticipation. Time to pop the champagne after the toil and tussle.  Yeah, the hustle may not be over yet, but it’s time to throw a celebration anyway!  May not be wild, or even reflective or crazy, but a celebration of acknowledgment.  A breather!

So where are we at?

The journey is full on. The mission is on course.  The vision clearer by the day. There is a teeming expectation. The pace is frantic. The march is forward. We may never be where we desire,  but ever closer to the dream and destiny than ever.

So where are we?

Tales were told. Opinions were given. Theories were formed.  But who cares. They all fell flat!

Lies fell. Fears fizzled. Faith rose. Believe flourished. Doubt died. Anxiety fainted. Doom and disaster never saw light. Faith. Hope. Courage prevailed.

So where are we again?

Truth stands. Failure failed. Forces of conspiracy silenced. Purpose stands. Prayers answered.

Vindicated. Validated. Absolved. Loved.

So where are we July?

Yeah, catch your breath, pull up your sleeve. Rise up,  dust up and break into a dance. Dance in the rain as my awesome friend Jane so beautifully said. Dance away and don’t give a damn.  Dance free. Dance, round and round with a twirl and a twist. Whatever your style!  A knowing grin on the face. Yes, the truth is – we couldn’t have come this far to fail. He couldn’t have brought us thus far to die in the wilderness. That’s Why I’m Going To The Oasis To Drink Up, Rest Up And Drench Me Up In The Waters Of Refreshing.  Blow the whistle,  Half time baby!

Eat. Nap. Drink. Dance.  In a way tell ’em know you ain’t fazed, nor do you give a damn. Ha!  It’s your game, it’s your dance, it’s your rhythm. Your song, your tune. No, no, no if ever they thought they would call the lute remind them you are a classical Ninja. A Supernova, a Diva, a Maestro! And you call the tunes, you conduct the symphony of your life. And it’s break time, and ain’t nothing they can do about that!

You got Groove, baby! And it’s your jig, and nothing… Nay no one can steal your spot nor your star.

Thank you July.

For the breeze of a break.
That reminds we may be far, yet so near.
That indeed, our pulse, sense and feel of things is true.

The reminder to always trust our inner voice, the voice of God. The voice of wisdom.
Yes, the reminder to be ever bolder, to forge forward.  Never bothered by fear.

Yes, the whistle just went on.

So bring it on Dear July.
It’s game on – going all the way!

Dedicated to all the dreamers, visionaries, agitators, hustlers, in this game.  It’s your season to break into a dance and celebrate in advance. Your dream is valid,  and ye shall prevail!

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