The Law of Giving!

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Here is your weekly column with the vivacious Adeola… To Your Success…



Like most of us, I have decided, albeit inadvertently, that I was
gonna learn this rule of financial success from the oldest and
supposedly ‘best’ teacher…EXPERIENCE.

I got my fair share of lack alright and the lesson to financial
breakthrough really popped at me (I said really because I had always
known but would heed) and that lesson was that if you want a lot of
something, give a lot of it. You want a lot of money, give it freely;
clothes, smiles, friends, a house…yes a house, commit to putting
shelter over other people’s head.

Here is a practical lesson I got from my school of hard knocks…life.
Accommodation posed a big challenges for us for quite a number of
months and we kept saving towards it but it never was enough, either
we spend it all before its enough or we’d used it for something not as
important until a need was brought to our notice about someone else’s
rent that needed urgent attention, gave to that course and you won’t
believe it but in less than 2 months, what we’ve struggled to get in
years came to us on a platter…absolutely marvelous.



Several other experiences to show that ‘giving is not an option, it is
in fact, a necessity.

This article was started a few weeks ago with a start line relating to
laws, law of attraction, law of gravity, law of reciprocity and so on,
well, I think I’m just gonna add the ‘law of giving’ to that list if
it doesn’t exist already.

The world works best with laws and the law of giving keeps the earth
going and makes the world a better place to live in. You are the
answer to someone else’s problem…give that one thing today that is
way too precious to you and watch it multiply.

My action plan this week…GIVE. Have a joyous and blessed week and
keep this in mind…’The more you give, the more you get’.

To Your Success….

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