Relationships Thursday: LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!

Betcha this is not your sentimental love for popcorn’s type of piece. In this post, meet your girl Nancy up-close and personal, and dare I say, she doesn’t mince her words; she knows what she wants. Read on..

Recently I went out with my girlfriends as we have always done at least once in a month to try catch up for a “girl’s night” – usually this consists of lots of snacks, lots of gossip to sum it up with a glass of sweet wine.

As we continued with our talk’s one of my friends seemed carried in deep thoughts and this really kept disturbing me what might be going through her mind to miss out the moment of the happy hour we were all having.

It didn’t take her long to open up and she said “I am so lonely that I am wondering if I should look for a partner to marry based on companionship rather than love, as I don’t think I can love because no one has approached me for love of late, I envy all of you as you have your better half to love back and further more age is catching up”

She continued “ am clocking 30’s and can make friends so am thinking may be a companionship marriage would be better than nothing …But am worried that I may feel short changed and emotionally void .Does anyone know of anyone who has married not because of love but for companionship and they are happy with it? Has anyone ever thought about it or am I being just naïve more say desperate?”

This was not only a question to me, but actually a time for me to gauge whether I should get married for companionship or rather love. What made me more absorbed is the fact that all my other friends were very quick to choose companionship which felt right to them.

For obvious reasons I felt it’s important to always spend with someone who will always be there, to always have a companion by my side …Yes you can be friends with anyone but not lovers, in marriage you need to feel that love reciprocated and connected.

I was the only one out of the rest who felt that I will get married for love and not companionship. This really bothered me much and made me ask myself whether am living in dreamland or is it that Love has taken a new brand meaning, and it doesn’t really exist?  I have always thought that it is a wonderful experience and it’s one of the greatest practices life has to offer while it is something everyone should aspire to feel and enjoy.

Personally, I thought about all the things that I would do for my friends, I’m not talking about those “fake friends” who will only pretend to be there during your happy moments but about real friends who will be there when you need them.

Indeed when my friends are in pain, sadness cultivates in me, when they are having a bad time I will look for ways to cheer them up. However when my partner is in pain, I tend to feel it more ,and in tough  time  I will always go that extra mile to make them smile no matter what, there will be that extra sacrifice I make.

At this instant think about that kind of a friendship amplified in your marriage or relationship.  Think about how much stronger your friendship with your partner will be because you have committed to love them above all others.

They are your soul – the one person who is completely yours – devoted to you and you alone and always loyal. In my opinion Love is aforce of nature .However much we may want to, we cannot expertise, demand, or force love. Talk about how wonderful it would be to grow in love, share experience with your partner and to wake up each day loving them more and more knowing that he/she is your person-God given person.

For continuous loving always make sure your partner knows that your relationship with them is important.  No one wants to feel like they are being taken for granted or is prioritized with friends. In case it happens that you value your friends and treat your partner the same as your friends; this is a sure way to lose someone who could turn out to be the best thing you may ever have.

But maybe I’m just crazy and I’m the only Lady who will choose love over companionship!


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