Blank Fridays: Life and Death

This reflective piece is shared by Rosemary Kananu as a tribute to her friend’s son, who was laid to rest this past week at the tender age eighteen. Sincere condolences and prayers to the family even as this piece goes out.

— Looking backwards from the grave..



Life and death are two sides of the same garment. Life turned inside out is death. As we pass through this earth and reach the edge of life, those still on the journey start living our life backwards. Memories try to explain the life lived? But when is a life fully lived? Is it when one is old and grey and has seen second and third generations?  What about a preemie that lives for a few days or even hours? Can it be said that they lived a life? When a life is seemingly curtailed within the early years before making it to full adulthood is the life incomplete even if the deceased has achieved what has been achieved by a centenarian? When we live the life of one that has reached the edge of life backwards, how far back do we want to go? Life is a string whose length depends on the beholder for a life lived fully in a short while might very well equate one with a longer string, whether a few hours or several years.

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