Timspirational Weekend: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

Courtesy: ectonmedia.com

Courtesy: ectonmedia.com

Late this afternoon, had an enchanting chat with one of my favourite people, Elena, my friend and coach.
Somewhat the drift of our conversations started off catching up on what we been up to; And somewhat found myself talking quite abit about my pet subject, Bitcoin.

Yes, indeed Bitcoin! And I know perhaps most of you are wondering what that is, I will explain in a moment.

It is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that is based on programmed code or computer algorithm
that was introduced to the world in 2009 thanks to a super geek with the name or (pseudonym) Satoshi Nakamoto. It has since taken the world by storm over the past year especially with its value rising to over $1000 in exchange for 1BTC. Anyway, I will write in detail about my endeavor with Bitcoin in future posts and will delve into this subject in detail. For now lets get back to the essence of why I mention this and its relevance in context with my chat with my friend.
The Power of an Idea whose time has come or to paraphrase a famous quote attributed to Victor Hugo

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.

Somewhat this quote featured in our discussion and It made me think how so truely empowering if we understand its power in our lives.

Often we have dreams, that are informed by an idea.
Often we are afraid to pursue this idea (s)
Sometimes we may feel at odds with the sounding of our ideas and where we are in our journey; in our lives.
To the point we ask ourselves whether we might just be daydreaming or if indeed the dream is for real.
Somewhat dream and idea soil is fertile ground for doubt and fear too.
We just need to always be wary and let the right seeds grow; and always weed out the undesired.
No surprises, indeed this are part of the pangs and pains of having ideas and dreams.
Yes, this is the standard diagnosis for dreamers and idea people.
Those who have a longing and agitation to make a change, make a dent in their universe.
And as Hugo said, we need to be reminded that we are unstoppable once the time is right for our idea.
Yes, you may have tried and failed a few times. I hope you learnt your lessons in the process
You may have tried and the answer wasn’t a Yey, or the outcome was lackluster and not so encouraging.
Yes, some of this things take time, and just in time all things will click into place and you will harvest the boon of your idea.
So what is the lesson here?
Don’t give up, your idea and dream could be the next big thing.
Yes, and if you care about making a dent in your universe…. Ideas and dreams are your thing to make it be. You are on track my friend!
While at it, Read more about Bitcoin; my sense is that this is the next big thing to watch out for.
Be sure not to be left behind! Of course you most welcome to share your thoughts.

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