The iTude Code





Be Thankful

And not compare

Stick to your lane

Run your race

Learn to enjoy life

Dream for tomorrow

Live for this moment

Unwrap the gift of today

Laugh, live and make merry

And not be afraid to take risks

As they are the secret to growth

Give ear to the voice in your gut

And have the guts to follow through

Trust your intuition and never be in doubt

Remember no one is expert on your life than you

Value people and relationships more than possessions

Show love and affection to family and friends and even foes

And treat strangers with care, compassion and consideration

Never underestimate the unknown to underwrite your destiny

In dealings say only what you mean and deliver the goods

Remember to treasure integrity and honesty above all else

It is worth more than silver and gold and never go out of fashion

Learn to listen before you speak and to always be first to forgive

Live for legacy and purpose and live larger than self in service of others

Live one life. Always be true to God and self. Live your life beyond limits

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