Wacky Wednesday: Be Wise, Be Foolish

One of those classic pieces for perspective


courtesy: bible.org courtesy: bible.org

Wake up on a Monday cover your nakedness with a leaf
Dress up with ambition on a Tuesday
Latch on to a dream on a Wednesday
By Thursday no more Imagination
Exhausted and waiting to exhale by Friday
We live a roller life week in and out
Nothing is predictable in this life
At least for those who prefer to be wise
I’m a fool and I prefer it so
At least each day I wake up with a new hope
And don’t bother why the chicken crossed the road
Trying to smile gleefully at life though it smacks me with melons
No,  I will not lose my head,
I will still forge ahead
Even with my little head,
I’m still better than a watery melon even as a bloody fool!
Cornflakes,  popcorns and lies I will chew them in equal measure
Well what does a fool know…

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