Relationships Thursday: The Power of Association

Had to repost this beautiful piece!


Here is a beautiful rejoinder article to last weeks sizzling piece; from the lovely Adeola – Be Inspired! 

Just last Thursday, I was reading an article from our dearest Nancy
about relationships and I felt prompted to do a piece in relations to
that (thanks Nancy, for the inspiration).

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We’ve all heard and read about the importance of setting goals, living
a purposeful and grateful life and all. One of the most or should I
say the most important factor to the success of anyone in this life is
actually ‘ASSOCIATION’.

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The power of relationships cannot be over emphasized. I come from an
environment (community) where the caliber of people you know determine
a great deal to what extent you get to in life.

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In Nancy’s post, she talked about you being responsible for your
happiness, I’ll put this in the perspective of…

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