One with Nature: Let them be!


// One with Nature… breath in its sights and sounds in this therapeutic post
|: By Adeola

How closer can anyone feel to nature
With the sounds of crickets so close in the dead of the night
The soft and gentle breeze against the face
Birds chirping

The sound jolted me back to reality
Who could be doing that? Killing the ever so sweet sound

Let them be, the pretty sights and sounds, the colorful flowers in all its glory
The birds and the cricket
The free air and energy
That transcends any other serenity ever felt

Courtesy: Courtesy:

Let the trees live, providing shade under which our children play
Giving that rustling feel that sounds ever so calm and relaxing
With fascinating branches and colorful leaves

Let the children breath, air so fresh and smooth
Without the contamination of deadly fumes and flames
Air free from carbonated…

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