Blank Fridays: An Endless Search

Enjoy this thought provoking piece from our friend Nelson Kennedy – Wishing you a Lovely Friday and Weekend!

Have you ever looked for something only to find it in a place you ignored or never imagined it could be!

Car-keys that were on the coffee table all along, a book you gave to a friend, a receipt that was in your pocket for days, a place that you came from; it seemingly looked awkward – thinking in mind you had put all your efforts and energy to waste. This past Sunday I happened to realize that too! The soundly sermon, tear drop preaching that left me feeling that the search has finally come to an end.

We search for love when we ourselves don’t portray it, we such for friendship when we ourselves are selfish –   even to our inner most person and we want what we can’t give. People live a lifetime searching for that very thing that they already have- a story is told of one such laborer whom in intense search for Gold left his family to other parts of the world, but all was in vain, brought back in casket after days of endless search. A decade passed and amazingly the Gold rush was discovered underneath his homestead. What more could you have thought about this guy!



Now it’s time to admit it- We beg for that which we have the will and power to earn- we diminish ourselves trying to please others so as we can be loved, supported; we think others have it better or bigger…….but nah ending up in an endless search and all we need is an ending one. Be that first person to care, to spread joy, to apologize or appreciate, to give; and your world will be the perfect place you’ve been searching for!


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