Letters: Dear August…

Courtesy: moosmusing.blogspot.com

Courtesy: moosmusing.blogspot.com

August breezes, time for new beginnings.
Battery recharged, time to refocus. Just past half time. New strategy and new energy. Time to get back to the ring.

Sometimes, the best therapy for a dreamer is sleep. Sleep to rest the soul, and quiet the imagination. And to awake, to the magic of childlike wonder and awesome possibilities. To reignite the passion of ambition, and the fire of a cause.

Courtesy: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

Courtesy: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

I write to you August, as one love lorn,  away from home.  Estranged in the battlefields, but setting up for a comeback.  No. Head strong and stubborn,  but by no means foolish.  Ambitious and daring,  but by no means greedy. Surgical thinking, calculating,  and determined to make it count like never before. But by no means blind to the sacrifice required to win the war. The white trophy of peace.  The Golden season of prosperity envisioned,  yet from afar.  It is this I see from the brink,  even as I brace up for a dive in.  Hold your horses fellows,  sometimes silence is all a man needs to get it right.  Don’t spoil it for them with cheer and applause.  Nudge in your spirit,  wink in your soul,  and give him a kiss in the breath of the wind.  This will be encouragement enough to guide the arrow in their bow to its desired destiny in between the trees.

It is wild out there Dear August. 
It is a jungle as you know. 
But I pray this arrow will
Be guided by His Mighty Hand
And victory will be ours by a streak

I have friends who have lost their sense of believe. You know, when what you knew no longer makes sense or seems like a fairy tale. When what was wisdom is now stale,  and now sells as comedy.  Yes,  we laugh,  but deep within we die. The magic of that little soul, all waned and diminished.  Remind them,  Dear August,  the miracle of beginnings.  The beauty of innocence,  that door called NAIVETY.  Just a glimpse into NEWNESS, and strange enjoyment of such NOVELTY.

Yes, time to get back to the game, and no holds bared, till NOVEMBER!

Keep on keeping on my friends! We are in this together! Hold on… Till November!

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