Today we look at this this interesting important Life Principle for everyday living, and we will use the word POWER to unpack more on it.


Here we go..

Positioning for

Knowledge positions you correctly. When you know something you are in a better place than when you don’t know.

What you don’t know has the power not only to disadvantage you but may even hurt or harm you.
Ignorance is no weapon of defense.



Its not bliss neither. It is a point of disadvantage, but one that you can change if you are willing.
Arm yourself with knowledge and be positioned for better things. Be positioned for success and opportunity.


Knowledge allows you to take advantage of opportunity whenever it comes. In fact, it allows you to discern it.
As is often quoted, Opportunity often comes dressed as work.
You bet knowledge is your lever to opportunity, even when its not very obvious you are able to discern its characteristics. Because you understand.


Think about this..
New knowledge often means new opportunity.
Example: If you study and understand medicine, it means your chances for opportunities within the medical field increase.
New knowledge means new frontiers. We have seen this quite significantly in the field of IT, for example before the iPhone the world of Mobile Apps was stagnant or even non-existent.
New knowledge spawns new opportunities in the ecosystem!


The progression of knowledge is wisdom or simply defined the ability to exercise better judgment.
Knowledge seasons you, through exposure and experience, you are in a better position to make wise choices, and exercise better judgment and achieve better results.
This is the compound interest gained from your knowledge investment.


Good choices enable an empowered lifestyle. Think of a well built machine that is built on the principles of sound engineering and aerodynamics. When it comes to its utility, you can be confident to cruise at acceptable high speeds knowing that it was built to handle this within its terrain.
This is the reward, and power that knowledge and wisdom afford you in the longer run.
In Maslow’s hierachy, we could almost equal this to highest level of self actualization. It is however not exactly the same thing. The inherent power of knowledge at this level is the fact that ‘you know’ and are confident, and as such are empowered.


This is the final power frontier, subtle but significant. Knowledge allows you over time to plan and to anticipate; and even beyond to respond to changes, challenges, dynamics instead of being reactionary.
Obviously, this is within the context of normal phenomenon and assumes a fair level of rationality.

Example: If you run into a crisis, you are able to rationalize and consider various options that could result in a viable solution. You can even consult those whom you think may have better perspective to weigh in.

The result is a knowledgeable response to the crisis instead of wild panic. 

Be Empowered everyday by KNOWLEDGE, The POWER Principle!

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