Creative Mondays: Signs of Inspiration….

had to share this beautiful piece from my friend..


Are you looking for that sign, that sense of flow, or just that spark that will ignite the inner genius within? This piece could never have come at a better time… be inspired to create like never before by the eclectic Trevlyn Ainsworth >>>>>

Courtesy: Courtesy:

What spurs people in to action – to take that first initial step into uncharted territory – to become the person you were meant to be, live the reality you were born to live, and make the difference that will forever change the lives of others in this world?

Some of us are born with adventurous spirits. Others, not so much, and need a little more coaxing. Not everyone has a close-knit support group of friends and family, egging them on from the sidelines, to do more, create more, think more, and ultimately forge their own path in this lifetime. Does that mean they will remain…

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