Relationships Thursday: Women

Told like it, no words minced, be stirred up by this awakening piece. Here is Nancy Wyna unleashed on your favourite column – This piece dedicated to all Women, and the men who love them.

For over many years I have come to realize and appreciate the joy of being a Woman in every situation be it career wise ,social wise and more so when it comes to relationships. YES! Thanks God for the woman, it’s the best thing that God made. I have learnt to use the power in me and it always works out.

Women are naturally wired to think, act and innovate like immigrants .Women, more than men, have the ability to see what others don’t, do what others won’t and keep pushing their ideas and ideals when prudence says quit.

In relationships and marriage they tend to play specialists at nurturing connections that are purposeful, genuine and meaningful. We focus on growing healthy, long-lasting relationships, we  don’t quit easily;  if we happen to do then, men ought to understand how much it took for us to finally give up ,I mean it  must have taken away everything that was left esoteric for us to leave!

Women are masters at facilitating connection points between people, resources and relationships while we thrive at creating and sustaining momentum for both themselves and others be it in any kind of situation we are faced with.

Have you ever wondered why a woman will always be the first one to recognize when something is not right? Many are times women have been associated with the paranoid character but the fact is they just got strong inner conscience.

As women it’s easier to identify enemies that’s why a prayerful woman will identify a man who cheats on him so soon even before he goes on to cheat. Women even in creation were first found to be the favored one, that’s why God even himself first made Adam and LATER made Eve from the ribs this was to signify that women are fragile, sensitive and also the chosen ones in relationships and marriage.

Just like women leaders who work hard and multitask being wives, mothers, sisters and spearhead of many they can never go off beam given multiple responsibilities because they are effective and efficient people. They don’t waste time and can quickly identify areas to consolidate, organize and strengthen be it commercial or family issues and focus on outcomes. In fact, some of the best project managers I know happen to be women.

Their pay attention to detail, is supernatural and their ability to track, evaluate and manage change is impressive. They aim to assure the betterment of a healthier whole.

So what does a woman want in a relationship or what does she expects when she says the vows? Mmh this may really sound so difficult to many but actually women only want to be wanted the feeling of someone yearning for us is a sense of power and strength that we may not even realize we crave. To be able to label another human being as “ours” and know that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, that person will always be on our side is an amazing feeling.

Feeling wanted is not enough either we still want a friend indeed! Maybe we’re just bored and we want to tell you about how much our favorite soap opera character sucks, how some horrible friend snitched us off, or just to gush about how cute the fashion trend we saw on the street was. We’re not all ready to throw out the idea of a relationship at the onset of mutual attraction; so quit thinking with your d*cks and let it turn into whatever it may. I mean, come on, why can’t we be friends first and foremost, either way?

May be with this simple things DONE correctly women will feel special and will feel more appreciated even in relationships and marriages and who knows they will be less or no more heart break !And if you don’t have feelings for a woman — one who is pouring her heart and soul into your relationship — let her know it. Stop stringing her along like a puppet. She is only human; thus, she will only act as her emotions tell her.

Women don’t need men as much as you think we do. If your feelings aren’t mutual, there is likely a man out there better suited for her than you. There are plenty of other fish in the sea; if you don’t see your relationship going any further, do her a favor and let it be known. Finally you will have got yourself a lifetime blessing if you treat your woman right!





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