Timspirational Weekend: In Celebration of Womanity!

It is women’s day in South Africa today. August is women’s month as such.
Courtesy: sunkissedlondon.wordpress.com

Courtesy: sunkissedlondon.wordpress.com

I share this piece as tribute to all the beautiful women around the world. The gift from the heavens, the ones who make the world spin.

True. It is difficult to picture a successful society without women.

At the very cradle women are mothers who bring forth life.
The shoulders that carry the weight of nurturing and the responsibility of shaping a human being through love.
Women are sisters, the beautiful daughters of Zion that colour the world.
Friends, voices of reason, important members of the family unit.
Women are wives, supporting their husbands in the pursuit of the family vision.
Women are leaders, the very architects of business and society. They bring the balance of soft power that is often more effective than hard power. They are listeners, lovers, lieutenants, landladies….

Perhaps a famous West African comedian put it best in describing women.

Courtesy: myworldmysite.com

Courtesy: myworldmysite.com

Everything about them starts with  ‘W‘, he said.

At their best
They are Wise,
When they are married
They are wives
And when deceased

And yes,
At their worst
They are witches

And hell hath no fury
if they are scorned
They can be wicked

But guess who runs the world?
I guess Beyonce only sang it too well…

No pun intended,  but women are indispensable to our world.

Just as creation wasn’t complete in the beginning, the world can’t do without women.
In fact a society that doesn’t regards, it’s women is a dysfunctional, dead society that has no chance of long term success.

As a society, we must  love our women.
We must regard them as partners, and equally support them pursue and achieve their aspirations.

We must unequivocally, condemn and stand up against vices and voices against them.
We must say No to violence against women and other violations against them.

And so today, and throughout we celebrate them. And salute their example and courage. And acknowledge that indeed, God was right, our world can’t breath without women. Its true, women are the ribs of society!

Happy Women’s day, and Women’s month to all!

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