Blank Fridays: In the Kitchen…

I rarely get to the kitchen, but when I do I like to raise the temperatures and cook up a storm. Oh no, trust me when I say I’m that random, risky even in the kitchen.



Yeah, believe me, every time I’m in that  area  of the house, my App knows I’m up to some mischief.  I have once ended  “baking” a cake when the start was to make a pancake.

Yeah, that bad you can’t imagine.
Been quite an eventful week. All  I can say is that we are grateful to God for His Goodness and mercies. So reassuring to be reminded of the power of community and family. I agree with Keith Ferrazzi, “Never Eat Alone.

Yeah, I  suppose introversion has its place, and company is genius from time to time.

Keeping it light in the spirit of #FF. Here is how we roll…
Don’t  take yourself too seriously. Break out of your mold from time to time. Value good relationships, especially close family and friends. Say No to Fear.  Yeah, live fearlessly, with a spirit of adventure!

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead all awesome people!

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