Timspirational Weekend: Friends, We All Need Them [Part 1]

In Celebration of the gift of friendship


friends we all need them

Friends, we all need them. For happy days and sad ones, friendship is a core fibre of life. Friends make our world, expanding our perspectives and experiences through moments shared and encounters.
Friends, we all need them but what kind of friends should we have then? Trudat good friends are hard to come by especially those who will stick around in difficult times, but life is diverse and we need different friends for different reasons and even seasons.
We need friends for Summer, Winter; Rainy days and Sunny days.
Some friends glow will only shine in times of hardships – and often this are the minority. Never assume that just because they stuck with you during lean times now they know how to throw a celebration party for you! You need the party animals who know how to celebrate you and with you. Never force a particular character on a…

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