Creative Mondays: The Principle of Time & Thought

Time Child. Time!



Time is a core ingredient to creativity, as it is to life.  We need time to create.  To let ideas marinate. To let dreams unfold.

Creative Principle #1 – The Principle of Time & Thought

It is true. Time and Thought are universal. We are products of time and thought.
The difference however is the power of intention. Intention with focus are powerful drivers that will get you there.

To harness the most from this principle we must set time to think and be creative!

It looks so obvious, yet how many practice it truely and religiously…Can I see some hands up?

Let us look at the twin concepts of time and thinking for some perspective.

We begin with the concept of time. For our purposes, time is split into two categories.

+ Prime Time

This is intentional time set aside for thinking and creativity


What prime time works best for you to think and be creative?
Is it morning, noon, evening or night?
What specific time(s) work best?
Identify it and set it aside.
In fact schedule it and stick to it!

Discipline, stamina, grit is the staying power here. And often, if you are lucky,

Inspiration may pay you a visit as you are ‘slugging it out‘ to quote Tom Cottar, on one of his tweets for #CreativeMondays!

+ Down Time 

This is the in-between time that oft the magical creative spark could be ignited.


What downtime has potential for spontaneous creativity for you?

Is it when you are changing shifts, going to grab coffee, going for a walk, in between meetings, chit chattin’ with colleagues…?

Or sitting in the couch at home after a long day…?
Anticipate it. And make room for creativity to catch you as you round this corners.

Perhaps always carry a mini notepad and pen with you to take note of the thoughts and ideas that may catch you unawares. Tom, not sure if it means you carry your guitar everywhere… 🙂 🙂

Luckily for my case #TGFE! (Thank God for Evernote!). This has been my perfect companion that I have with me at all times, in and out of the creative zone!
Bottom-line always be ready for that spontaneous buzz!

Spontaneity, randomness, or as perfectly captioned in a past post, signs of inspiration is the key element here.


Hopefully this little bit of perspective on a simple and often under-utilized principle will get you on the #Creative Journey forward from now on….



Keep #Creating. And spread the creative energy of #CreativeMondays!



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