Relationships Thursday: The Cold, Manipulative side of Love

Enjoy this classic piece


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Love is a beautiful and warm feeling that brightens and brings cheer and happiness to those that are lucky to find it. Everyone wants to be friends with cupid so that he would aim the arrow in their direction at one point in their life.

However, with all this desperation to find love, people are finding themselves trapped in a kind of love that is cold, manipulative and frustrating without even realizing it. People have become deluded by the fantasy of finding their soul mates and their idealistic kind of love and in the process have been left heartbroken and their spirits crushed.

Our parents made us believe that we are coherent beings, diligent, civilized, and thoughtful and we should be appreciated. But when things don’t turn up as expected, even just a little bit, it becomes clear we are not better than nature. We have opposable thumbs…

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