Timspirational Weekend: 6 Pairs of Lenses for Your Best Life


Lenses, or how we see things determines what we see and has a lot to do with where we find ourselves in life. You have often heard of the empty half and empty full of Glass. Lenses is the stuff life is made of and the stuff that shapes our lives.

Courtesy: momcaboodle.com Courtesy: momcaboodle.com

Here are some of the lenses in view

The Shades
Somebody said the future is soo bright, they had to wear shades!  How true of such a lense that has brightness all before it! The shades is all about how we see things today, in fact NOW! Shades of dark, green, grey, and even yellow – they shape our perception of reality.  And as they say,  perception is reality. Shades color our world indeed!  What shades are you wearing today in your life?

Courtesy: technabob.com Courtesy: technabob.com

The Inner Eyes

Scripture often talks about the eyes our understanding being opened…

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