Who Am I?: The IDENTITY Principle


Who am I, perhaps remains one of the biggest topics questions in to answer in this lifetime. In this post, we address this question from a Principle perspective.

Courtesy: tinmoidoday.blogspot.com Courtesy: tinmoidoday.blogspot.com

Once again, we use the acrostic IDENTITY to give us a mapping on the Who am I question.


The first letter speaks to a core ingredient of identity, Image. Image speaks of resemblance, likeness or representation externally of a person or thing.
In this context, it speaks of who you resemble, or in whose likeness or image are you?
I subscribe to a Biblical view that clearly maps, and instructively this is the view i share as chronicle in the book of beginnings – Genesis: Let us make man in our image and likeness..

Courtesy: shrdocs.com Courtesy: shrdocs.com

Imagine is a core part of our identity, and so it follows that who or what we ascribe this is absolutely…

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