Creative Mondays: The Purpose of Creativity!


  • Solve problems
Necessity is the mother of invention

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Without creativity and human ingenuity,  problems would not be solved, challenges would not be overcome – and perhaps humanity would not have survived this long! Inventions, innovations and new creation have only been possible because there was a problem to be solved.

Creativity allows our soul to breathe. Creating allows us to to recreate!  We relish our creative works and nothing could be more fulfilling -just as the Master Creator did! By extension our creativity refreshes others, and thus the reason why entertainment for example is such a big industry as it represents a platform where creative talents, gifts and skills are expressed.
  • Inspired living

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Creativity just like beauty is inspiring. The opposite of creative is routine or mundane, and rarely can we live inspired lives from such a point.  Creativity awakens the core of…

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