Hope: The TRUST Principle


courtesy: lilac-n-lavender.blogspot.com courtesy: lilac-n-lavender.blogspot.com

Hope is about the believe for a better tomorrow; the fundamental trust that all shall be well. In fact in the olden English, hope is defined as the feeling of Trust.  Hope coupled with faith can be a powerful combination.  It animates the soul to hold on even when things look rather grim and bleak.  It is the TRUST Principle.

So let’s explore what is the TRUST Principle using the below acrostic

Thank God
Gratitude to the creator is an important ingredient in maintaining a positive perspective during difficulty. Being grateful to Him is an expression of Trust in his ability and power to save and redeem even from the most dire of circumstances. This is an important pillar of the TRUST principle. Gratitude will always keep you in a good stead and ensure the sanity and sanctity of your soul and spirit even in uncertain times. Gratitude…

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