The Day I Lied….

Heart wrenching like the poke on a wound…. But who said Truth was easy to embrace?
Here is the bitter medicine from your coach Adeola, meant to cure….To YOUR Success….

Opening my eyes to great excitement in the air, smiling sets of eyes on me with shouts of “congratulations” …it was my first few minutes on earth and that was the first time I lied… I lied to myself that the excitement was going to be forever, and that every other day would be like the first, where every movement and actions from me received great attention and everyone was willing to offer help just to ensure I continued to smile and that every teardrop from my eyes would rend someone’s heart

I lied to myself that I was going to forever be the center of the world with great importance, that I didn’t have to do anything at all as every answer will be provided by someone from somewhere as I’ve always been waited upon hands and feet during my growing years.

Years have gone bye and I have come to a complete realization that there is only so much lie I can tell myself, that life will only hand over to me what I have the guts to take from it, that people won’t always be there when I need them the most, that I need to be strong and determined, that no one is responsible for me and that I am responsible for all my actions and inaction’s…that I can only get what I want by working hard, honestly and diligently and by being committed to my dreams is the only way to be a success.


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