Focus: Solving the Puzzle to YOUR Success

 She knows what it takes, she has missed the turnings too, and now she shares the secret to solve the jigsaw puzzle of success in life.. Here is Your Coach, Adeola, to YOUR Success…

There are millions of articles and motivational talks on goal setting
being the main recipe for success. If you’re like me however, with a
very active and ambitious mind that is most easily distracted, you’ll
find that you are almost always drifting, not because you want to but
more so because you just can’t help it. Societal pressure and our
natural feeling that there just has to be a better and easier way out
always gets in our way of focus.
Since there are no other shortcuts to success than to focus strongly on
our goals and work tenaciously towards achieving it, I guess we’ll
just have to think our way through this and here is a story that has
really helped me in this path and so I thought to share

A young man got a job as a janitor in a bank and so his father made a
badge with a ‘P’ for him, the father said to him ‘son, that P on your
badge is a reminder that you will someday become the president of your
bank, I want you to put that thought in mind and everyday be sure to
do something to bring you nearer your goal’. Each night after supper
the son would talk about his day and the things he did to bring him
closer to accomplishing that goal. That way, he was constantly
reminded of what he had to do and in no time at all, it became an
ingrained part of him and in not so distant time, he did become the
president of his bank. Of course he never told anyone what the P meant
until he was made the president.

One of the many lessons I’ve learnt is that success is not achieved
through wishful thinking as that is just going to amount to a complete
waste of time and valuable energy. The strong desire and
concentration; a strong motivation helps with concentration as well as
daily holding oneself accountable for each action, consciously making
daily efforts at achieving that goal. An easy step to this is to
always ask yourself ‘why am I doing what I’m doing right now and how
is it getting me closer to accomplishing my goal?’.

Goal setting should be pictured as a puzzle, each piece of the puzzle
is an integral part of the complete picture. What are those small part
of the puzzle that’ll make that picture complete? Remember, all the
pieces of the puzzle needs to come together for that picture to be
complete. Strive daily to piece that puzzle together and in no time at
all, you’ll be happy you did.

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