Creative Mondays: The 10 Diseases of Creative People!

  1. Restlessness

And yeah, and you just wish you could relax. Instead you are on this endless spin…

You try to think. But then you can’t.  You half think, half rest. Feel hot, feel cold. No it’s not the flu, nor is it nausea either. Just uneasy, edgy, jumpy, anxious. Spread thin.

Your head trying to lead, by spinning in circles. And you wish your heart could scream.

Still restless? Welcome to the rest of the journey. It gets worse!

  1. Boredom

Death by chocolate, death by coffee. There those moments when coffee nor tea can’t even fix it.

So turn the lights on and off…. flick the switch. Yeah, maybe you might be lucky and get an electric shock and you come out of it. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to be jolted out of it. What to do? May be go to the wild and look for a bear to strangle bare hand.  Look for some silly thrill perhaps to snap you out…

  1. Creative block

Chop that block and light a fire…



So you are sitting on that log where inspiration long ran away, and his cousin perspiration is not helping either.
Chip off a light piece of wood, get you a match stick, a lighter. Whatever!  And burn the whole forest down!  Yeah, you get the point. Sometimes you gotta be drastic to overcome one of this necessary evils.
After all it’s called a “something block” and if serves me right there some Gold or goodies in that block!

  1. Disappointment

Of men living a life of quiet desperation… so Thoreau said.

To be appointed is the destination, to be disappointed is the journey.  Brace up for it, you were made for it. It comes with the territory. Don’t act surprised or too schmuck for it. Your day will come if it hasn’t already.

As long as Day starts with a “D” you can be sure of disappointment along the way.

  1. Depression

Tinker bell hang himself on a bell. So you heard.



Being a creative is all but rosy; to be misunderstood is your middle name. To be entertaining without being offensive is your calling.  Yes, to stray the crazy hours where cats can’t even dare is sometimes what it takes.  This does take its toll sometimes. Watch out whenever you think you stand strong, lest you be usurped to the land yonder!

Are you stressed, so pressed… watch out lest you be depressed!

  1. Madness

Not just sheer crazy I mean eccentric! Lady Gaga are you with me?

Spun off the wheels. When idealism and philosophy is not the answer and €utopia is not one of the six continents we live in.

Yeah, there are those times in a creators life that we simply lose it. Pray that winter doesn’t last too long….and the sun shines again soon.

Its crazy balling sometimes. Hang in there, but not when the noose is your snooze!

  1. Lust

To die for. To kill for. If only it was mine.

If only it was me who wrote that best seller, who made Picasso pale, and Einstein wet. Lust kills! Watch out your secret thoughts and admirations. When passion is misdirected, when the grass is greener on the other side. When our heart sense is overcome with blind emotion, and we can’t think and we crave success, fame, fortune by all means. Crimes of passion, so many a brilliant mind it has consumed!

  1. Complacency

Get off your bum. Laziness is a staircase!

Never born with the silver spoon, but now it’s all about the spoon. Intellectual laziness and dishonesty sets in and grazing on yesterday’s pasture instead of today. Yeah, now you receive royalties, warts and all.  Of course you can now afford to dine and wine with the who is who… Where is the Bentley? Life is good.

So we are easy; no more crazy! Scotland, we prefer lazy!

Where is the Champaigne? I hate to think

  1. Showmanship

 When the art of art is lost…. And you are not bothered…



When the art of art is lost and it’s all about the masses or the money. When that part of the soul no longer beats and breathes for itself first. When there is no more fire or passion for your game, art or craft. When it’s all about the Benjamin’s, the Beanies….. I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson!

It’s time to think. Quit. Or set sail in another direction.

10. Conceit

Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Pride comes before a fall…

To be celebrity is bliss. But when celebrity is not enough… and we are demigods

To be stars and super stars is cool; but when that lustre is all about us, and not about a cause for others. When conceit is tastier than butter… and yes we can have our cake and eat it!

Philosophy is beautiful, and so is art. But when truth is spun to mislead and to feather our own nest… when the voice of freedom, hope, justice, love, hope is derailed and perverted from its path…When ethics is thrown out of the window and anything goes.

Yes, with creative brains – left or right – lies great responsibility.

Let Rudyard Kipling’s “If” be the Creatives Mantra.

Wishing an awesome week. Keep Creating #CreativeMondays!

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