TRUTH: The Freedom Principle!


{ Truth | Freedom | Life Principles | Perspectives } ~ an ongoing series on Life Principles for Everyday Living  ::|
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free ~ The Bible
The power of Truth
Fundamental among the human species is the desire and hunger for Truth and Freedom. And the two could never be separated from each other, we will use the acrostic TRUTH to examine the constituent parts.

Proven to work all the time; dependable and able to prevail always.  Would you want to live your life per chance?  Or would it rather be based on the tried, tested and true?

Facts are like shifting sands in the ocean. Truth is like a a big rock, immovable – the anchor of all things.

The firm foundation upon which our existence is based on.

The opposite of wrong;  the trajectory that takes you in the direction you…

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