Choices: To Success or Failure?

Its all about Choices Today…I know you may have heard this before elsewhere…
but wait.. not until you hear this perspective from your coach, Adeola,… To YOUR Success!



The choices we make in life makes or mar us, the irony of it all is
that choice is the best free gift given to mankind and is still the
easiest route to bondage and destruction.

The maker of life even gave us this precious present from time
immemorial when He said ‘behold, I lay before you two path, one that
leads to life and the other to destruction’ and added for us to choose
this day whom to follow or what path to take.

Life itself is a result of the choices we’ve made or are still making.
Someone would say ‘well, I didn’t have as much opportunity to be a
success’ or ‘he is only that successful because he was born into a
rich home’ or you might even blame it on circumstances and even the
people in your life.

The sincerity of it all my friend it that you truly have no one to
blame but yourself. Your life right now is a reflection of what you
want it to be, a result of your choices. It is now solely your
responsibility to make it a success.

A question that suddenly looms in the mind is how failure can be as a
result of the choices made? Well, there are only two paths in life and
they’ve been clearly laid out, now if you aren’t threading the path to
success, then be absolutely sure that you’re headed the other path.

The beauty of it all is that there are no time lines to these paths,
no gates of limitation to how much of a success or failure you can be,
the only barrier or gates are the ones you put there. Everyone
started their journeys on a special day be it from birth or forced by
a major crisis. I believe your best time is now, take that step
towards this path of greatness with me, make that choice today.

Make the right choice today that would transform your life forever,
and remember, ignoring or not making any at all is in fact choosing
the path of failure and regrets.

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