Blank Fridays: Taking a moment


Take a moment.… to drink in this beautiful piece from the amazing Maggy…. Be Inspired!

A deep breathe whoa!!!

Courtesy: Courtesy:

There’s a lot more to life than what we see or feel. There is a divine power from that controls everything around us whether we want to believe or not. Yer we don’t take note of that power but it does control us anyway.

Taking a moment and pausing and realizing that there’s just so much more than our naked eyes see and the funny joke is that we only see what we allow, How so…? We all know that there’s is so much more (well that’s if your smart enough) but we just don’t take the time to acknowledge that.

So …take a moment… Enlarge your circle of how you view life, experience love, share, show kindness and be a person that portrays God’s love always…

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