Timspirational Weekend: But I wouldn’t stop there….


But I wouldn’t stop there….

Courtesy: www.searchquotes.com Courtesy: http://www.searchquotes.com

What could be more enticing than success? Baking your cake and eating it… calling the shots, calling the tunes… Really, the fancied and awed world of glamour and success. Knowing people, being and brushing shoulders with the ‘who is who’; being in the centre of attraction, attention or action. You bet all this is indeed thrilling!

As chronicled in a previous Timspirational piece, we almost all are trained to think and live sequentially. To be in waiting mode most of our lives. To belief in the light at the end of the tunnel theory and espouse it in our day to day to the detriment of what is possible in the here and now… Realizing the fullness that is in us. Maximizing the Today that is also called PRESENT… Well, let me not go down this route… But,

Courtesy: www.eatlearndiscover.com Courtesy: http://www.eatlearndiscover.com

Here is my…

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