Timspirational Weekend: The Waiting Game!


courtesy: anniversawi.wordpress.com courtesy: anniversawi.wordpress.com

Reflecting on life I have come to realize that we have been trained and programmed to live on ‘waiting mode’.
Right from early days we are taught to wait, to be patient as our parents called it.  Yes of course anything good and worth its salt takes time.

Wait until you grow up, then…. is the story. Wait until you get to this level, then this will happen or then will you get this……

So learn to wait and in time we become perfect waiters.  It’s a pity we don’t turn it into a profession and carry the tag line with our name on it. Nevertheless we are waiters at heart.

So we are told.

Wait till you finish school, so you can follow your dream
Wait, you will get a job after….

So we wait…

The whole of society made this their sing song; though it has not necessarily lived…

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