Dear October,

Dear October,



Spring came and never said much. Things looking up. Closer to the goal now more than ever. Missing family and friends, all dear people. Somewhat, somehow reminiscing the past to embrace the future.

Truly missing home. That little cradle where I was born. The very village where magic happens. The center of the world. The reminder of what is possible. Where love and community flows like a mighty river.  Yes, I just woke up and I miss my beloved people.

Eyes on the ball it has been for me. So much life to live. So many dreams, awakened.  It’s better than Disney land; being naive with imagination. Believing in possibilities; seeing new doors open and walking slowly but surely in the direction of my dreams. The storm over now and I keep my eyes on the prize.

Oh, September!  I never said as much, even though there was lots to say.  No need for reasons why; for you know what the heart meant to say.  This will be spoken in another sun. All I know God is Great indeed. And I pray for peace to you my friends. Time to walk in the sun, and sing another song.
It’s true, dreams do come true.

And so? How come you sound strange? Never so clear? Oh, well!  Expressions are not like shopping.  Clothes are for wearing.  I know, I know my people. All I know is I love you. And I give a damn, and sometimes I don’t!

October, this is it! The season of His timing.  Ever perfect, on time. Never fails. Time to begin give thanks. Truly God is Faithful, and He put a new song in our mouth. And soon the birds will sing the bee gees!

I sign off now, and get back to work. The journey that started just over 2 years ago deserves a grand finish. Can’t wait to pop the champagne in 15 days!

It’s October, remember to stay awesome. And remember our sister’s, its breast cancer month. Oh, Bavaria, hope Oktoberfest went down smooth!


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