The Law of Giving!


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Here is your weekly column with the vivacious Adeola… To Your Success…

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Like most of us, I have decided, albeit inadvertently, that I was
gonna learn this rule of financial success from the oldest and
supposedly ‘best’ teacher…EXPERIENCE.

I got my fair share of lack alright and the lesson to financial
breakthrough really popped at me (I said really because I had always
known but would heed) and that lesson was that if you want a lot of
something, give a lot of it. You want a lot of money, give it freely;
clothes, smiles, friends, a house…yes a house, commit to putting
shelter over other people’s head.

Courtesy; Courtesy;

Here is a practical lesson I got from my school of hard knocks…life.
Accommodation posed a big challenges for us for quite a number of
months and we kept saving…

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