Timspirational Weekend : Purpose is your GPS in Life!


Courtesy: whatisnextlifecoaching.com Courtesy: whatisnextlifecoaching.com

I have recently come to appreciate the power of purpose to fully guide the direction and trajectory of our lives.
Almost to determine the GPS coordinates of our existence, where we should be and what we should be doing at any point in time.
And to the point that it simplifies things for us to know when to move on and to where.  When to pause, and reflect.  When to go back at it again.

Courtesy: wireandwhimsy.com Courtesy: wireandwhimsy.com

Purpose is a topic that has long fascinated me, and for a period,  I read about it and eventually I had to make the sermon my own. This took me to a journey perhaps the most comprehensive ever in consideration to other topics, to the point that I felt safe to consider myself an expert on the same. You may or may not be familiar with the classic ‘ The Purpose…

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