Creative Mondays: The Principle of Time & Thought


Time Child. Time!

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Time is a core ingredient to creativity, as it is to life.  We need time to create.  To let ideas marinate. To let dreams unfold.

Creative Principle #1 – The Principle of Time & Thought

It is true. Time and Thought are universal. We are products of time and thought.
The difference however is the power ofintention. Intention with focus are powerful drivers that will get you there.

To harness the most from this principle we must set time to think and be creative!

It looks so obvious, yet how many practice it truely and religiously…Can I see some hands up?

Let us look at the twin concepts of time and thinking for some perspective.

We begin with the concept of time. For our purposes, time is split into two categories.

+ Prime Time

This is intentional time set aside for thinking and creativity

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