Creative Mondays : 5 Things You Should know about #CreativeMondays!

This is the precursor to the soon to be launched #CreativeMondays dedicated Website – >>> Coming Soon!


Let your creativity soar

Open Creative Space

Think of a blank canvas where you can create whatever you please.  Think of an enduring intention to create, whatever, whenever. No matter your art or expression, there is enough canvas or space for you via Creative Mondays! So on Social media [Twitter, FB, Blogs..etc], always remember our open space is #CreativeMondays…. so remember to hash tag whatever you create as such so we can echo your gift and expression with the world.

Open Collaboration
It’s open to anyone and everyone who would identify with #CreativeMondays especially via social media (Twitter mostly). Feel free to Hash tag, Tweet, Favorite and RT what others are sharing to others in your network. You will be amazed at the power of collaboration to bring out the best in you, also be open to amazing potential collaborations with others. We have a blob of creatives in collaboration already!
Lets create together

Creative Community
We are…

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