Dear November,

You begin with a new sense of direction. The season past folded in style, the celebration and acknowledgment of all that was beautiful. The celebration of moments, relationships, friendship, opportunity and the journey forward.

November a new season and direction, yes with new opportunities, new relationships, new places, new challenges. New horizons.  More laughter, bolder opportunities, wider pursuits. Greater passion, a more compelling cause and purpose.

So I look up inspired FORWARD 》》

Great learning’s, the spring step to greatness. Fears and concerns whittled down; aspirations the new wave to go the distance. So much awed and humbled at such point of turning.  The future could only be bright no less.

And to my intuitive self, the guiding light that brings the ship to dock in the port of dreams realized.  The cognition of the inner elements of genius, the finesse and fabric of possibilities. Doors open, assertive choices prevail.

In this season may you find purpose, a compelling cause to your greatness.  In this season, may the timing be perfect for that which means the world to you. In this season, may you find the strength and courage to focus on the key things. In this season, may your uniqueness shine through to be the leverage, the stepping stone to destiny.

And so here I stand on the brink of new things. Celebrating the journey so far, and forward.  Urging on dreamers like you; compadres, sojourners, believers, entrepreneurs, idealists – whoever you are in the journey of becoming YOUR Best self. All you can be.

I toast to November, to the Best of it and new adventure Forward. I toast to YOU. The Gift YOU are and the Best Version of YOU that is slowly unfolding, even NOW.

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