Creative Mondays: Of Creativity and Enterprise..


Creativity and Enterprise are two sides of the same coin. They are the Yin and the Yang that makes success. Think about it. Ideas fuels enterprise, enterprise fuels enterprise. Or does it?

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Here are some eye-opening reminders

Creativity is innate. We are all born to create.
The ability to make something out of nothing and leverage it, also called entrepreneurship is innate too.

But here is the trick. For us to harvest anything out of our creative sense, we must “work it”
Similarly, for there to be tangible enterprise, we must try, take risks, make it happen.

Again, we can never achieve any of the two through pure inspiration or wishful thinking.

It’s true. Creativity and enterprise = WORK!

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Given. We must continue to romanticize creativity
No Doubt. We must continue to idolize enterprise
Indeed. Inspiration is a great resource to get us going…

And certainly…

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