Timspirational Weekend: A Point of Reflection!


Courtesy: dimitiekendall.com Courtesy: dimitiekendall.com

I find myself at a point of reflection,

So many dreams in pursuit, new horizons ahead.

The unfolding of what is possible. The brimming of ideas.

The awareness of what is at stake; the transition from what is, to what should be.

A point of reflection. 

An awareness that it is not a luxury. This moment

A deep understanding that it is not for granted. This sense of being.

A deep awakening that it’s not for all, in as much as we may all be called.

Yeah, there is that chasm of feeling that reminds me that this mission is for a season.

A point of reflection.

Looking around, taking cognizance of what has been so far.

Where from, where now, and where to.

And take nothing for granted.

Time. Now. Is of Essence.

A point of reflection.

Beyond Mantra, and motivational lines

The appreciation that we are…

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