Poetic Tuesday: Antonios..

With your bespectacled eyes
I can almost remember like it was yesterday
That rendezvous,
That place of our meet
No it wasn’t over coffee
Or something cliché
But it was a meet up among friends
Certainly the perfect excuse if only to have your presence
We talked, we laughed and joked
And in between was the hopeful glance
That who knows one day you may be the one
I won’t pretend i really cared about the occasion, or the who in between
I lived for the chance of the glance behind the glass –
Oh I would gaze till the stars came home…
How you dressed I still remember
More even your exclusive aura
The radiance of your smile
The eternal charm of your heart…
They was never us of course
But some dreams remain more beautiful from the glance of a distance,
The radiance I call to memory to date. Mind you if this means anything
I’m a Goldfish and a Dreamer.
So such memory to me is rare
A luxury I can ill afford
Yet one I treasure – Antonios!

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