Relationships Thursday: When The feeling Is Not Mutual


What do you do when the feeling is not mutual?
You extend a hearty handshake, you receive a dead fish instead.
You give a smile,  and what you get, a sneer!
You try to be cordial and friendly and all you encounter,  snobbishness!
You have even gone to the point of explaining yourself,  but no much good.
The feeling is simply not mutual and your gestures are not reciprocated.

Here are 5 things I know that can help;

  • Do it anyway, No regrets please: After all its your deal, you are the one who is making the move. It’s your offer and call and because you choose to do this anyway – you will quit on your own terms.  I mean why would you want the other party to determine your line of action when intrinsically you were doing this out of the goodness of your heart?
  • Check…

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