Creative Mondays: 5 Surprising Places for Creativity and Inspired Thinking


The Loo

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This may come as a surprise to some. Not for me. There is something about emptying your bowels or the sense of relief that is experienced in the process that sparks creativity and inspired thinking. Certainly this is the least of settings that anyone can imagine to be of any more use other than answering calls of nature. You will be surprised at the possibilities in the privacy of such precincts. Personally, I have found it useful to tag along my phone and jot any ideas, quotes and lines of thought to make the most of such creative aura!

Give it a bash; it could make for some really interesting discovery.

The Shower
I think this may be an obvious one given the famous claims of ‘singing in the shower‘. Apparently, even my cousin BO (Barrack O) is guilty of this. You see, even Presidents…

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