Relationships Thursday: Marriage, Sacrifice and Their Degree


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Marriage is principally an Institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually cherished and sexual, are acknowledged. In some cultures, marriage is recommended or considered to be compulsory before pursuing any sexual activity. When defined broadly, marriage is considered a cultural universal.

Since the late twentieth century, major social changes in Western countries have led to changes in the demographics of marriage, with the age of first marriage increasing, fewer people marrying, and many couples choosing to cohabit rather than marry.

However it is not clear to many, up to which extent one should go to sacrifice his/her, marriage when it comes to whether it is best of times or worst of times.

Caroline an advocate and a mother of two says ”I know am supposed to hang in there for better or for worse but when it reaches a time when I cant take it anymore, I will surely walk out of”

Unlike her…

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