Blank Fridays: At the Airport…. 

So I had a really interesting day today at the airport.

So I went to drop myApp as she was travelling East, and a very interesting turn of events begins…

The spontaneous me, spots a porter and sends them to task to assist my App in getting her baggage to the check in tills.

I join the two of them later after a while, and it’s time to pay the porter their dues…. and not before all hell breaks loose!

The man I didn’t even know their name foremost doesn’t even consider the money at hand as I present to them

The conversation immediately moves from an accusation of myApp.. Escalates to a national issue to the fact that I was actually exploiting this gentleman’s rights, and culminates to it being a race issue. Mind you we are of the same hue and colour if that ever mattered. 2 minutes later it escalates to a criminal issue… Now I will be reported to the la policia for not paying up! Mind you the grown ass man didn’t even bother to look at the bill I had presented to them. Instead he urged me with an attitude to ‘keep it’ which I duly did. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Wouldn’t you?

Don’t you know somebody who would do very well with a dollar bill?  Don’t they say poverty is when you are under a dollar a day? I was pretty sure this would make somebody else’s day, now that my good friend had decided to be so generous.
5 minutes later, I was being accused of all sorts of unsavoury things… with the underlining statement that ‘it’s my country’ and I was supposed to be the foreigner who was violating the rights of a native… Oh my Goodness!

10 minutes later I had an official from the airports authority apparently to arbitrate or to fix my little man’s grievance. Boy did I have a field day or not!

All I can say is my dear friend left poorer than a church mouse; apologetic, and with no ground to stand on.

What was there really when the poor fellow accused me wrongly?

Where was wisdom in attacking me and inspiring the worst of me without even knowing who I was? Pity I didn’t even the poor fella’s name…

So was I supposed to gaze in the stars and imagine what was due to him?

Oh, that sense of entitlement! What gave him such a false sense of claim, and I even wonder the justification!

Reflecting from all this, I have gathered that you win and do more good with a good attitude than a bad one


  • That you never ever provoke the worst of anyone and expect the best
  • That never ever should you base your battle or game plan on assumptions and accusations
  • That if you don’t name your price, you will not receive your full worth
  • That Gratitude coupled with a great attitude will lead you miles ahead than anything else
  • And most importantly – Nobody owes you nothing son! Regardless of your history, or sense of entitlement

    End of the day, we are all on planet earth trying to survive and to make it! You will certainly fall flat if all you think or expect is that somebody or the world owes you something… even worse because you were born in a certain place or a certain time!

Happy Black Friday in the US; Happy Blank Fridays to the rest of us!






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