Timspirational Weekend: Art of Self Sabotage


Courtesy: thewritersrepublic.wordpress.com

Courtesy: thewritersrepublic.wordpress.com

It’s good to be back in the writing world again. This past week saw me complete one of my dreams and journeys that began 2 years ago. The completion of a Masters degree in my chosen field of Information Technology. The culmination of it was the delivery of a dissertation, 20000 words worth of writing. I never knew I could almost run of words – I thought the English language was expansive enough for this!

I have never been more gratified and grateful, though such a feat can be exhausting.

Good to be back to our favourite corner of the world, the Timitude blog where it’s all about inspiration and living with @Titude

Today I write about a topic that has claimed many a people’s dream, potential and destiny. For those who know a little about me, I’m a life coach. My greatest passion is people; indeed seeing folks rise and live to their potential. Perhaps nothing else really concerns me as much.  It’s an inner burden and call that stirs me greatly. This is a passion I share with fellow coach and co-host Janice Plado Dalager. You can hear more about both our passions here.

Well let me get to it. Why is this such a key topic for me? Why is it so important?  Well I have met and interacted with so many people up to this point in my life – of different ages, race, creed, gender, nationality etc. Almost universally each of this people I learnt has a dream, a cause an ambition for which they deeply care about.  In as much as this is true, almost unilaterally, each of them was not where they are or should be; either living at the level they desire or are capable of or even worse living way below their potential and dream. This bothers me greatly as I know what that means.  Even more concerning in all this encounters, only have I met a handful of people who were assertive enough and aware of their real worth beyond mouthing some mantra they heard from some place. Anyway the biggest vice that I have seen is self-sabotage, where people excuse themselves from their potential and dreams or stand in their own way aka shooting themselves on the foot. It becomes very obvious to me in countless discussions how much this is an issue. The typical manifestation is fear or lack of assertion on what the person is worth and what they seek to achieve.  The simple question what do you want is not clear or compelling enough to propel them forward. Even worse is the punctuation in words of excuses and reasons why they can’t or are not anywhere closer to their dream or potential.  Often their level of conversation is Non-assertive and is punctuated with holes of doubt, uncertainty, lack, luck and perchance thinking. There is an element of fatalism and a lesser sense of determinism that says ‘if it is up to be it is up to me’. Period! Taking full personal responsibility is the first step towards achievement.

Perhaps the worst is a believe system and mannerism that is alien to that which the person seeks. This can be characterized by low expectations of self and others, or demeanour that doesn’t support this in any way. It’s true that which you seek is seeking you! Believe otherwise and you are on the opposite track of self-sabotage running against who you are and what you are capable of. It is a race that guaranteed, will ensure you live a lesser life, that which is below your God given potential.

Now I know you may be thinking reading this…. that this must be somebody else I’m talking about. Well, I let the following set of questions be judge of that. Ask yourself; are you living your best life now? Are you expressing, thinking, and connecting with others at the levels you desire?  Are you on course in your dreams? Are you attracting that which you seek or are you driving that away in the way you behave, interact with others or project yourself to the world?

The essence of this questions is not to create a mirage of self-doubt; rather to challenge you to pursue and seek after the best of you. Indeed what you seek is seeking you. Go after it heart and soul and live out your true potential and realize your dream.

Wishing you a #Timspirational Weekend!



//Excerpt from my upcoming book. Watch out for this much anticipated resource that will rock your world.







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